Lab 1 Objectives

Lab 1: Unearthing Opportunities - What Problem Will You Solve?

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Lab 1, where you will unravel the art of identifying real-world problems and transforming them into opportunities. This lab sets the foundation for your path in entrepreneurship.


  1. Exploring Entrepreneurship:
    • Engage with Inspirational Stories: Learn from a guest speaker or through an informative video to understand the essence of entrepreneurship. Hear real-life stories that illustrate the journey from concept to creation.
    • Understand the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Grasp the key qualities of successful entrepreneurs and how they view the world differently.
  2. Problem Identification:
    • Master the Art of Problem-Solving: Develop skills to identify everyday problems that need solutions, using techniques that entrepreneurs employ to spot opportunities.
    • Critical Thinking Exercises: Engage in activities that enhance your ability to think critically about the problems around you.
  3. Building Your Personal Brand:
    • Create Your Unique Identity: Engage in a personal brand activity that helps you understand how to present yourself and your ideas in a compelling way.
    • Personal Brand Workshop: Craft a personal brand statement that reflects your entrepreneurial vision and values.
  4. Idea Development:
    • From Problems to Solutions: Learn to transform identified problems into viable business ideas.
    • Idea Generation Techniques: Use creative thinking exercises to brainstorm and refine your business ideas.
  5. The Art of Storytelling:
    • Crafting Your Pitch: Learn the essentials of pitching your idea in a way that captivates and convinces.
    • Storytelling Workshop: Develop a narrative around your idea, emphasizing its potential impact and value.

Outcome: By the end of Lab 1, you will have a solid understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, skills in identifying problems worth solving, and the beginnings of a personal brand and business idea. You will be equipped to pitch your story with confidence, setting the stage for your entrepreneurial journey.

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