Course Overview

The $50 Startup includes 8 project based learning labs packed with activities, videos, and online resources in a teacher friendly format. The user friendly nature of the $50 Startup program makes it a perfect solution for educators teaching STEM, the arts, or CTE to incorporate entrepreneurship into the classroom. Our mission is to empower students to become 21st century thinkers by awakening their entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring them to become the architects of their futures, and giving them the confidence to transform their communities.

Students learn business fundamentals and how to use their creativity to solve problems through creation of a business on a $50 budget.

Lab 1: So What’s The Problem?

  • Guest Speaker/Video
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • How to identify a problem
  • Personal brand
  • Idea development
  • Pitching your story

Lab 2: So What’s The Solution?

  • Guest Speaker/Video
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value proposition
  • Solution ideas for your problem
  • Understanding the user
  • Opportunity circle
  • Pitch practice

Lab 3: The Customer Connection

  • Guest speaker/Video
  • Customer avatar
  • Channels of distribution
  • Pitch practice

Lab 4: The Keys To Success

  • Guest Speaker/Video
  • Key Resources, Activities, & Partners
  • The art of networking
  • Pitch practice

Lab 5: Pitch Day

  • Students pitch their idea to teacher/investor panel and students for $50 investment

Lab 6: Let's Make Money

  • Guest Speaker/Video
  • Start up Costs
  • Revenue streams to sustain business
  • Philanthropy and KIVA
  • Pitch practice

Lab 7: E-Commerce and Marketing

  • Guest Speaker/Video
  • Understanding selling online
  • Social media
  • Press Release
  • Create marketing materials for selling day

Lab 8: Selling Day

  • Setup business operation
  • Sell products and services to students and school staff
  • Share promotional material for e-commerce website

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