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Digital Marketing Foundations Curriculum Overview (Global CTE)

In this video Sylvester walks you through how you can implement the Global CTE Digital Marketing Foundations Curriculum into your current marketing cte class. The mini lessons, activities, and projects are designed to be layered into your current marketing class or it can be a stand alone digital...


‚ÄčThe Future of Career Tech Education is an Interdisciplinary Approach

The future of career tech education is an interdisciplinary approach. I had a great time today co-presenting with the CTE rockstar, Amy Boscan at the national 2021 MBA Conclave Conference. Learn more here about our Interdisciplinary CTE...


Digital Marketing Strategies For 2021

In case you missed it! Recently our CEO, Sylvester Chisom performed a Keynote on 2021 Digital Marketing trends for America's Small Business Development Center's Collin SBDC CARES Program. We are determined to help our students get the most current and real world information. Feel free to share...