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What: Interdisciplinary CTE Modules with Lesson Plans

Homebase: How do we help students make Interdisciplinary Connections in CTE?  By making connections between their outside-school lives, their hobbies/interests, current events, and the things they’ve been learning and practicing in their CTE and CORE classrooms. Connecting these dots motivates students and enhances the value in what they are learning for present and future connections.  Learn how these Global Annex Modules can engage students for lifelong learning now and in the future.  

Target: CTE courses in Business, Marketing, and Family & Consumer Sciences

Grade Level: (Grades 9-12)  

8 Interdisciplinary Modules

1: Culinary & Marketing

2: Marketing & Interior Design

3: Personal Finance & World History

4: Fashion Design & Entrepreneurship

5: IT & Entertainment Marketing/Business

6: Art & Advertising

7: Visual Merchandising & Architecture (housing)

8: STEM and Sports Business

Curriculum Details: 

  • 8 modules 
  • Each module has: 6 mini-lessons
  • 3 Knowledge Lessons with Activity
  • 3 Skills Lessons with Activity
  • Each module contains a Capstone Project 
  • The project has 3 choices for students
  • The project has a rubric 
  • Timing
  • 3 mini-lessons taught over a 90-minute block
  • The capstone project takes between 3-5 90-minute blocks
  • Book: 
  • Creative Confidence

These modules support and provide instruction and learning for students in a variety of career pathways and are aligned to relevant skills and content.  Modules also focus on developing transfer skills, career-oriented focus, and both technical and academic performance.

These digital resources include everything you need to teach a specific module.  Contents typically include six 45 minute mini-lessons, 6 mini-activities, and 3 capstone projects for students to choose from.  In addition, an instructor slide deck and presenter notes for teaching will be included that give an overview of how to deliver the curriculum.  

Global CTE Interdisciplinary Modules

  • Modules (8 total see above)
  • Taught a la carte or embed modules into a cte course 
  • 48 total mini-lessons with 6 mini-performance tasks to demonstrate learning
  • Learning Objectives for each module (3)
  • Skill competencies for each module (3)
  • Knowledge competencies for each module (3)
  • Student Materials include: 
  • Videos
  • Instructional strategies
  • Articles
  • Instructor materials
  • Capstone Project that offers 3 options for students to choose from
  • Capstone Rubric for each module

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